VA – Cocktail Rhythms (intense And Fresh Vibes) [FMC Phonograph]

Sunset Beats, for Chillout Sensations.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Louis Camberra - Catarina (Blue Ocean Waves Mix)
Chaz Nelson - Level Funk (Oscar Barros's Piano Dreaming Mix)
Ricky Jones - Just Be (Frank Senior's Soul Mix)
Antibe Coast - Dirty Sound (Atlantic Avenue's Soul Mix)
Nightbar - Bossa Pa Ti (Brazilian Night Mix)
Atmospherical 45 - Au Contraire (George Cutrupo's Xylophonic Jazz Mix)
Slow Soul - Cocoons (Light Mix)
Bennie Cullen - Lying Down (The Grand Chill Mix)
Makina Jane - 2 Much (Rain Mix)
Kamill Le Jarvin - We Own the Night (Rosarossa Mix)
Ambience Soul - Body Bizarre (Chillout Republic's Gold Mix)
Mister Misterious - Still Dancing in My Head (Beautiful Melody Mix)
Blue Castle - Days in Love (Diamond Mix)
Mr. Moonlights - Wild Berries (Fusion Dee's Chillout Mix)
Salo Fernandez - Put Cream On (Lunar Chill Mix)
Sonoric Academy - Under Dress (Water Mix)
Pure Silk - U Belong 2 Me (Maldives Mix)
London Gate - Tell Me How (Bridge on Times Mix)
Titus Koibra - Music Is All You Need (Alter Ego Mix)
Roca Rubia - Perhaps Return (Green Island Mix)