VA – Cocktail Hour – Afterwork 3 (background Music For Your Bar) [Solphet Music]

Between Downtempo and Lounge Music to Relax after the Work during you drink a Cocktail and enjoy the Cocktail Hour!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Pianochocolate - Old Movies (Original Mix)
Eddie Silverton - Aperitif (Original Mix)
Shadisha - Masterpiece (Original Mix)
Shakes + Seven - Sleep At Night (Original Mix)
MAM - Eternal Summers, Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Nasiba - Gole Sangam (Original Mix)
Michael E - Brazill Chill (Original Mix)
Takt 3 - Too Sheep for You (Original Mix)
Getyabeats - Smell Something (Original Mix)
Dreamweavers - Intensify (Original Mix)
The Diventa Project - Into My Heart (Original Mix)
Jazzmake - Comunication (Original Mix)
Tommaso Bullo - Solo (Original Mix)
Dynamic David - Only One (Black Chill Mix)
Bamboo Soldier - No Holding Back (Original Mix)
Shamano - Freedom After Rain (Original Mix)
Boy Funktastic - Broadway 111 (Original Mix)
Carlos Montalban - Mediterraneo (Original Mix)
Dazed M. - Dimension (Original Mix)
Farzan Badie - Inside Out (Original Mix)
G Furlan - Calm Warrior (Original Mix)
Living Room - Spread the Love (Original Mix)
Thomas Lemmer, Sabrina Vieweber - Already There (Don't Give Up Remix)
Adventurer - Poyebana (Jan van Lier & Manolo Vasquez Remix)
Dave Ross - Rolling in the Beat (Original Mix)
Leaking Shell - New Boogie (Original Mix)