VA – Cocktail Bar Lounge [Loungemasters]

Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the creation

Don Gorda Project - Peaceful Forest (Original Mix)
Cane Garden Quartet - Chillaxin' (Original Mix)
Enrico Donner - Don't Be Stranger (Original Mix)
Baghira - Urban Exploration (Original Mix)
Solanos - Imaginar (Original Mix)
Aquarius - Field of Happiness (Original Mix)
Saba Rock, Sandy Cay - Hot or Not (Original Mix)
DJ Riquo - Island Delight (Sunset Session Remix)
Popy Zeddil - Expectations (Original Mix)
DJ Riquo - Hail Up My Bay (Original Mix)
Rey Salinero - High Definition Of Heart (Original Mix)
Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Sem Tensao (Original Mix)
Saba Rock - Emphatic Perception (Original Mix)
Suntheca Productions - Walking on Clouds (Original Mix)
Spiridion - Road To Sunrise (Original Mix)