VA – Club Factory (selected House Music) [FMC Phonograph]

Selected House Music :-)
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Subway Rhythms - New Deep Relationships (Tom Guess Mix)
Dino Kenji - Unusual Rhythm (Pastilla Mix)
Club 89 - Strange Alarm (Tribal Mix)
Robert Panamera - Move and Dance Your Funky (Club Mix)
Ramon Dannon - Soul Dancing in the Sky (Sunfetter Mic)
Martin Brigt - Civil Disobedience (House Mix)
Frank Donovan - A New Reason for Me (Underhouse Mix)
V6, Tony Roiale - Get a Deep Slap feat. V6 (Jeorge Dee's House Mix)
Larry Destrini - All Right (Partik Garrauld's Limousine Mix)
Tony Trumpetta - Sax in My Body (Louis Defunk's House Mix)
Costa Longa - Laughter for Me (Beach Grooves Mix)
Dave Agam - Please Hold On (House Mix)
Frank Donovan, Konko - A New Life Style feat. Konko (Philter Mix)
Miami Groove Project - You Can Do It (Cabriolet Mix)
Jeff Knight - Salt'n'deep (Jaguar Mix)
Mandragora - Believe in Shame (House Rhythms Mix)
Antoine Seranuit - Watch the Sea (Deep Light Mix)
Frank Riviera - The End of Work (Dapra & Levantino's Beach Mix)
Martin Grace - Just One Illusion (House Mix)
Jay Ritz - Tale for Whistle (Danny Pan & Tommy Harmond's House Mix)