VA – Club Essentials, Pt. 4 [Baile Musik Silver Edition]

Baile Musik has been one of the most prominent record labels in the realm of Underground in the past years. The label, founded in 2008, is based in Frankfurt am Main. Since then, they have been squeezing their potent juice all over the planet with a wide range of attractive artists and one goal. The goal of promoting fresh, tasty and modern dance music. The huge collection of ingredients in this special juice makes it very attractive.

Jesus Soblechero - Performance (Original Mix)
Yzi - Vento (Aleksandar Grum Remix Version 1)
Mene - Dirty Crash (Original Mix)
Illan Nicciani, Marwan Sabb - Aya Baba (Bunte Bummler Remix)
Archila - Aire (Frink Remix)
Marko Nastic - Raw Pizza (Original Mix)
Nicke, Kevin Rangel, R.MA - Sopot (Battric & MIVU Remix)
Guanlong - Eyhtomas (Original Mix)
Nozen - Tom Catea (Original Mix)
Kevi Anavi - Le Groove (Original Mix)
Red Pig Flower, Aleksandar Grum - Three Girls (Original Mix)
Max (Italy) - Piovischio (Original Mix)
Phil2 - Don't Step (Original Mix)
Manher - Nebunia (Original Mix)
Emanuele Gulmini - Chapter 0 (Original Mix)
Dimmish - Green Door (Original Mix)
Noay Jabok, Lohan P.raw - Party (Original Mix)
Toni Vidas - Definitivno (Original Mix)
Pana - Uniket (Original Mix)
Markel - We Know This (Original Mix)
M.F.S: Observatory, Relock (Italy) - Broke 01 (Original Mix)
Juan Zolbaran, Bielous - Jb2 (Original Mix)
Josu Freire - Suburbios (Original Mix)
ImAman - Discover Yourself (Original Mix)