VA – Chillout Uncovered (various Artists) [Cleverland]

Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from approximately the humanity

Chad - Lotus (Cut Split Version)
Sangar - Secret Sin (Radio Mix)
Hard Flame - Broken Wind (Cut Original)
Amelie Roubart - Softwood (Short Mix)
Dham Johnson - Pleasure (Essential Cut Version)
Jone James - Appointed (Original Radio)
Gilbert Jan - Vacuity (Chill Short Mix)
Patrik Cloner - Joyfully (Little Version)
Mara J Boston - As a Butterfly (Bit Original)
River Slider - Tightness (Restrict Version)
Jean Chan - Patterns (Radio Release)
Flaster - Events (Original Cut)
Clipper Teams - Watching Us (Short Original Version)
Truder Guys - Believe It (Radio Cut)
Gordon Lyu - Lost Visions (Shot Mix)
Conner Bloom - Daylight (Mix Small)
Bug Star - Accent (Fast Version)