VA – Chillout Macchiato [Giverny Music]

I wish you'll charge out of the music… The compilation includes also the kind new supervise 'Uncommonly Heedful' by Hints of Mortal. Attractive parlour/chillout compilation for gigantic moments of living or right-minded for chilling with friends and having a cup of coffee macchiato.

Hints Of Soul - Uncommonly Heedful (Original Mix)
Aqua Mundi - Balletic (Original Mix)
Rey Salinero - Flor de Almendro (Original Mix)
Arrojas - Azimuth (Original Mix)
Lamar Ensemble - A Personal Perspective (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - L'Escala (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Sirocco (Original Mix)
Miraflores - Savory (Original Mix)
Diario - Gracefulness (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet, Franco Poti - No Inhibitions (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Stralsund (Original Mix)
Mick Thammer - First (Chill Mix)
Arrojas - Shoreline (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Seguir Al Sol (Original Mix)
Shivana Faction - Waves of June (Original Mix)
Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Abaco (Original Mix)
Aqua Mundi - Gravity (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet - Roundup (Original Mix)
Logophilia - Igualmente (Original Mix)
The Magical Corner - Laguna (Original Mix)