VA – Chilling Beatz (the Best Music For Chillout And Lounge Moments) [RexxBeatz]

The First Music For Chillout and Reception room MomentsElectronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the existence

Stars Over Foy - Until We Meet Again in Heaven (Vechigen Chillout Remix)
I5land - Paradise Lost (Vechigen Finds a Way Remix)
Matt Pincer - Venice (Jamie Duvel's Romantic Night Mix)
Jamie Duvel, Dr. J. James - Follow Your Heart (Ambient Mix)
Max Oshourkoff - Jennyary (Secret Voices Ambient Mix)
Nika, Jamie - So Close Yet So Far Away (Original Mix)
Art Of Drone - The Pentagram Salute (Original Mix)