VA – Chill Crossover – The 21st Century Soul Music [Ecstasy Records]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from far the domain

Music Candy - Aching (Original Mix)
Eddie Caldwell - Changing People (Original Mix)
Nicolas Panderis - Sunset in Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Eddie Caldwell - Love Song (Original Mix)
Eddie Caldwell - Soul Searcher (Original Mix)
Rebekah Withakay - Up Late Drinkin (Original Mix)
Brighter Note - Don't Stop Now (Original Mix)
Tracy Oliver - I Never Knew (Original Mix)
Al Music - Little Girl in the Big World (Original Mix)
Dr Freebs - The Love Lounge (Original Mix)
Camille St. Vincent - La Treve de L'amour (Love Truce) (Original Mix)
Peter Bennborn Project - Made for Me (Original Mix)
Homemadesoul - Chillin (Original Mix)
Haven Mcinerney - Super Chill Funky Space Groove (Original Mix)
Marcin Przybylowicz - Chill (Original Mix)
Peter Godfrey - Chilled Funky Instrumental - 1 (Original Mix)
Music Candy - Spanking the Gimp (Original Mix)
Ariel Polenta - Rolling Hohner (Original Mix)
Herman Albany - Sade (Original Mix)
H. Bee Boisseau - Document 1 (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - 110 Degrees (Original Mix)
Leon Ayers Jr. - All Is Well (Original Mix)
Herman Albany - Summer Breeze (Original Mix)
Bill Newman - Slower Go Down (Original Mix)
Ant on Wax - Funk Is Slim (Original Mix)
Joseph Rusnak - Beginnings (Original Mix)
Vadim Chelnokov - Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix)
Homemadesoul - Calmly Grooving (Original Mix)
Jimmy Reid - Urban Underground (Original Mix)
Image Sounds - See Sometimes (Original Mix)
Mario Mauer - Easy Living (Original Mix)
Bjorn Lynne - Big City Dreamer (Original Mix)
Michael Keck - The Down Low (Original Mix)
Mirza Sounds - Ultra Sexy (Original Mix)
Ramon O. Lewis - Hundred Grains of Sand in the Sun (Original Mix)