VA – Chek Disco [Ushuaia Music]

Miscellaneous Artists – Chek Disco is the latest let off on Ushuaia Music.Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the existence

DJ Pavel Slim - Big Boss (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Fat Control (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Groovenator (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Hot Spots (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Technologic (Original Mix)
DJ Storm - I'm Perfect (Original Mix)
Dj Victor Montero - Put Ya Hands (Original Mix)
DJ-Tomes - Petting (Original Mix)
Dj.Mohacsy - India (Original Mix)
Mark Grandel, Dj.Mohácsy - Coronita (Original Mix)
Jobani, Derek Case, DJahir Miranda - Bounce (Original Mix)
Techouzer, DJahir Miranda - Numbers (Original Mix)
Djing Enzzo - Stendy (Original Mix)
Djing Enzzo - Strike (Original Mix)
Kevin Cortes, Djing Enzzo - Chek Disco (Original Mix)