VA – Check In Chill Out, Vol.1 (holiday Relaxing Grooves) [Karma Pure]

Fete Relaxing GroovesElectronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the Terra

Eivissarts - Solaris (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Tea Time (Original Mix)
Marga Sol - Since You're Gone (Deep Electro Remix)
Schwarz & Funk - Ridin' The Nine (Remastered)
Florent Campana - Velvet & Air (Original Mix)
Stuce The Sketch - Mamluki (Original Mix)
Ficture - Take Them (Original Mix)
Puch - Yakiimo (Original Mix)
Dan Bay - Kaos (Original Mix)
Charly McLion, Susannah Mavis - Open Sky feat. Julita Elmas, (Original Mix)
Cooops - Machine Hearts (Original Mix)
Castlebed - About You (Original Mix)
Mo'jardo - Say Hello (Original Mix)
Placid Larry - Float About (Original Mix)
Abraxas - Free To Leave (Original Mix)
Five Seasons - Firmament (Original Mix)
Dub Mars - Backward Recovery (Original Mix)
Northbound - Days Blend (Original Mix)
Van - Morning (Original Mix)
Mark Oakland - Small Things (Original Mix)
Jane Maximova, Dmitry Raschepkin - Late In The Night (Original Mix)
Karen Gibson Roc - Love Each Other feat. Merge Of Equals (Original Mix)
Florent Campana - Et Dieu Pour Tous (Original Mix)
Urban Phunk Society - Night Train (Original Mix)
Euphonic Traveller - Cafe Champs Elysees (Original Mix)
Dormidontov - Autumn Jazz (Original Mix)
Nova Casa - Soul (Original Mix)
Lounge Groove Avenue - Soulstream (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig - Laid Back Moves (Original Mix)
Gordon Geco - Sunset Ibiza (Original Mix)