VA – Champagne Party – La Grooves (25 Summer Beats) [Feel The Vibe]

Various Artists – Champagne Party – LA Grooves (25 Summer Beats), includes 25 Deep-House tunes. Must have for every Deep-House party.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Kay Jay - Everyone's a Winner (Original Mix)
Lenny Jordan - A Leap in Time (Original Mix)
Patrick Sinon - There Is No More Time (Original Mix)
Yves Taylor - Incomparable Breeze (Original Mix)
Alvaro Jenez - United Sound (Original Mix)
Jacy Wood - Organizer (Original Mix)
Victor King - Particular Legacy (Original Mix)
Mikuno Uno - It's Not True (Original Mix)
Paul Sutton - Take Me Home (Original Mix)
Daniel Grant - My Perfect Match (Original Mix)
Trevor Jay - Plinting (Original Mix)
Satoshy Hokado - You Really Love Me (Original Mix)
Mandragora, Barbra Thomson - King of the Lounge feat. Barbra Thomson (Original Mix)
Dama Blank - Deep (Original Mix)
Sander Dee, Corinna Barclays - Ho Dancer feat. Corinna Barclays (Original Mix)
The Gee Project - Good Club (Original Mix)
Moiquall - Love Forever (Original Mix)
DGN - Back Home Alive (Stellar Mix)
Andrew Jameson - One Day One Night (Original Mix)
Ronny Goss - Vox in Deep Loop (Original Mix)
W.U.G. - Wake up Guy (Original Mix)
Dennis Shultz - World Like It (Original Mix)
San Garrauld - Traditional Gaiety (Original Mix)
Ron Johnson - Mystic Desire (Extended Mix)
Mark Laverd - Enjoy the Ride (Original Mix)