VA – Bye Bye Summer! (best Of Deep Summer 2016) [ibiza Clossing Session] [Cherry Lounge Recordings]

Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from circa the mankind

A Kay Bj - House Me (Original Mix)
Felix Price - Miami Tonight (Deep & Piano Mix)
City Logan - Red Motion (Deep Club Mix)
Jack Segret - Sarmento (Extended Mix)
Harry Howard - Milito Three Man (Deep Mix Edit)
Saucy Journey - Fresh Life (Castle & Broomich Deep Mix)
Positive Lake - Deep Lake (Jeff Scorsese Deep Mix)
David Brooks - Twist (Club Mix)
Anthony Maserati - Royal Flush (Club Mix)
Deep Sunset - Dreaming of You (Extended Mix)
Prophetic Solid - Foot Cheek (The Childrens's Dream & Deep Mix)
Weight Cripple - Impulse (Light Vibrations Mix)
Sean Beatty - Obsession Terapy (Sunset Dreams Mix)
Tyson McIntosh - Walk in the Park (One Mix)
Simply Fault - Cryptic Ciber (Soul of Rome's Deep Mix)
The Dreamy Snapper - Enjoy (Joy Factor Mix)
Steve Moore - Just Like That (Extended Edit)
Revolving Hamster - Fellowes (Midnight Groove Mix)
Frank Six - Stingostar (Club Mix)
Randy Cortez - Batar (Urban Life Mix)