VA – Bugchasing 4 [Bugcoder Records]

After a summer break, BugCoder Records is back with Bugchasing 4 and 15 awesome tunes of international artists. This time, we are proud to present fresh stuff from: Queemose (Italy), Stephan Bobinger, Roccyjoes, Doepp. Philipp Uhrwerk, Peter Groskreutz, Chris Wayfarer (all Germany), Infaam Konijn, Hearald (both Netherlands), S II P, Dave Greenhouse (both UK), Mowgly3 M3 (Spain), Stefan Colakovic (Serbia), Class-A Deviants (US) & Octopu1se (Japan).

Queemose - Future Perfect (Original Mix)
Stephan Bobinger - Ohmn (Original Mix)
RocCyjoes - Der Lauf Der Dinge (Original Mix)
Infaam Konijn - Blue Lake (Original Mix)
Doepp - Desolate (Original Mix)
Philipp Uhrwerk - Rorschach (Original Mix)
Peter Groskreutz - Weltenwandler (Original Mix)
Hearald - Vector Space (Original Mix)
Chris Wayfarer - Corkscrew (Original Mix)
Mowgly3 M3 - Alhaja (Original Mix)
Stefan Colakovic - Igra (Original Mix)
S II P - One of Those Days (Original Mix)
Class-A Deviants - Droh (Original Mix)
Octopu1se - Chords (Original Mix)
Dave Greenhouse - Mood Adjustment (Original Mix)