VA – Breakthrough [Silver Skies Records]

Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the people

Basslinekicker - The Neuromancer (Original Mix)
Defsharp - Boss Battle (Original Mix)
Division - Island VIP (Division Remix)
Getsix - Where Am I (Original Mix)
Harry Speight - You (Original Mix)
Kytronic - Imperfections (Original Mix)
Lander, Basslinekicker - Timeless VIP (feat. Lander) (Basslinekicker & Lander Remix)
Mojé - Digital Adventures (Original Mix)
Remus - Mosaic (Original Mix)
Snokone - Northern Lights (Original Mix)
Tciami - Shatter (Original Mix)
Teramite - Vanguard (Original Mix)
Tetra - Olivers (Krispy Kombo Remix)
Tyler Taken - Journeys (Original Mix)
Ufis - Silhouttes (Original Mix)
Voxic - Abandoned (Original Mix)