VA – Breaking Dubstep News, Vol.1 [Breakdrum Recordsings]

Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the community

Kai Acid - The Trip (Endless Surround Mix)
Aramis 83 - Melody of 8 Bit Life (Original Mix)
Da Artizt - Side Effectz (Original Mix)
Jack The Ripper - 7 Kinds of a Fool (Original Mix)
Nivanoise - Endless Void (Original Mix)
Tomz - Night Is Ours (Original Mix)
Politis - Fall (Original Mix)
Xplasm - Exploder (Original Mix)
Ralf Velasquez - Weekend (Drum and Bass Mix)
Bobby - Lock in Tune (Original Mix)
Firnwald - Femme Maschine (Original Mix)
4 Runazz - Bitch Bag (Original Mix)
Wz - Breakdown (Original Mix)
Pelican, Dexter Dub - Dubbylon Soldier (Full Sound Mix)
P.S.S. - Chartreuse (Original Mix)
Deimos - Noise Resistance (Original Mix)
Jungle Justice - Time to Panic (Original Mix)
Keenjah - Original Rudeboy (Original Mix)
Jacky Wonder - Human Chord (Kayowa Remix)
Traxman - T.R.A.X. (Original Mix)
DJ Phat Spice Jinxer and the Breakbeats - Lost or Gone the Beats Goes on Instrumental (Original Mix)
Leotone - Tell It (Jazz Maestro Style)
VTK, Phog - Gravity (Original Mix)
Ultrafunk - Toxikation (Original Mix)
Acussed of Madness - Venture (Original Mix)
Le Chri - Apocalyptic Scenario (Original Mix)