VA – Brazilian G (mixed & Compiled By Malik Mustache) [Sleazy G]

We're joking elated to fetch fourth our next Distinct Artists album and this stretch who heartier to consolidate on than our Brazilian brothers & sisters. THIS IS Requisite !!! Brazilian G is stacked choke-full of outright bangers all by oneself selected by Cheap G and our biggest act of eventually year, Malik Mustache who having put the mixes together genuinely do convey the function to the cocktail for this demolished Brazilian go into. It's days to get all Brazilian and recollect to Keep it Sordid, G. Shabby G has been massively repped in this wonderful land of music & elegance so we pronounced to allure you 31 unshared ID tracks from Brazilian G-Race, Tech & Nu Disco DJs & producers all with one emotional attachment in workaday, Bass !!!

Malik Mustache - Brazilian G (Continuous DJ Mix One)
Malik Mustache - Brazilian G (Continuous DJ Mix Two)
Malik Mustache, Jack N' Jane - Underground (Original Mix)
Alex Twitchy - I See You (Original Mix)
Danny Olliver, Amnecchi, Decca - Get Nasty (Original Mix)
Danny Olliver, Amnecchi, Decca - What I Want (Original Mix)
Andre Queiroz - Shooting Lights (Original Mix)
N.E.O.N, Anzzor - Lights Down (Original Mix)
Base On - Let's Dance (Original Mix)
Bashh - Hahaha! (Original Mix)
Beagle Bros - Remembers (Original Mix)
Black Sheepz - Hummm (Original Mix)
Marangoni - Yeah! (Original Mix)
Sound Cloup, C.R.O.M.I - Perfect Shawty feat. Holla Vano (Original Mix)
E.R.N.E.S.T.O - Heavy AF (Original Mix)
Eduardo Drumn - This Is the Way (Original Mix)
Gabriel Boni, Nappi - Sounds of Disco (Original Mix)
Skullwell, Goldcash, Lukas Rosa - Punk Boy (Original Mix)
Gorkiz, Yam Nor - Beat Down (Original Mix)
Hot Light - Don't Wanna Go Home (Original Mix)
Kush 3D - Fat Cash (Original Mix)
Liu - Break Up (Original Mix)
Lowkicks - Breaking Bass (Original Mix)
Lowkicks - Next One (Original Mix)
Alcaphone, Maibee - Tonight It's Bout Me (Original Mix)
Grizzy, Merola - I Can (Original Mix)
Ramirez, Montalvan - Keep the Party Going (Original Mix)
N.E.O.N - Bassline feat. Alex Hunt (Original Mix)
Nappi, Future Class - Pump! (Original Mix)
Poligamyk - Drinking in the Morning (Original Mix)
Soldera - Cambury Beach feat. Juneca13 (Original Mix)
Tewax - Don't Speak (Original Mix)
Wolfire - Body (Original Mix)