VA – Blunt [Pure Cocaine Recordings]

Various Artists – Blunt is the latest release on Pure Cocaine Recordings.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Pete Gass - Gas Mask (Original Mix)
Pete Gass - Gas Mask (Steve Greg, F-Lame Remix)
Patrick Slayer - Invasion (Original Mix)
Pasten Luder, m.a.m.i. - Mexigerm (Original Mix)
Pasten Luder, m.a.m.i. - Mexigerm (Kevin Coshner Remix)
Pasten Luder - Bad Moments (Original Mix)
Pasten Luder - Bad Moments (DJ Westbeat Remix)
Pasten Luder - Hard To Find (Original Mix)
Palms Croatti - ArMynimal (Original Mix)
Palms Croatti - KillURBrain (Original Mix)
Paco Cobos - Joint (Original Mix)
Paco Cobos - Blunt (Original Mix)