VA – Blast From The Past, Pt. 2. [Ghost Records (HU)]

Blast From The Past Album Part 2.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Andress Conde - Double Death (Original Mix)
Arkus P. - Tool 46 (Original Mix)
Chrys Dan - Fresh Mind (Original Mix)
Bananarama - Venus (DJ Hammond Hardtechno Remix 2012)
Dan-Tek - Ak-47 (Original Mix)
Dan-Tek - Criminal Mind (Original Mix)
Distor - Historia (Original Mix)
DJ Hammond - 60 Sec (Original Mix)
Dragon Hoang Aka. Deaf Hoang - First Time (Original Mix)
Erik Yahnkovf - Beings Of Life (Original Mix)
Horsch - Demon A (Original Mix)
Horsch - Thoughts Of A Rat (Original Mix)
Instigator - Control Yourself (Original Mix)
Instigator - Magic Broomstick (Original Mix)
Instigator - Nasty Face (Original Mix)
Jack, Chrys Dan - Foots On The Ground (Original Mix)
Kamil Marc - Black Outline (Original Mix)
Tronic, Lenzy - I Am Rushin (Original Mix)
Living Matter - International (Original Mix)
Living Matter - Time Trip (Original Mix)
M-11 - Noise In The Room (Original Mix)
Masc - Hardcore Action (Original Mix)
Masc - Fuck My Pussy (Original Mix)
Mietkas - Techno of Hard (Original Mix)
O.B.I - This Is My Religion (Original Mix)
Orman Bitch - Make Difference (Original Mix)
Oscar Porga - Total Eclipse (Original Mix)
Pete Robson - Uvth Anthem (Original Mix)
Psycho Chok - Anestesy (Original Mix)
Psycho Chok - Heartless Inside (Original Mix)
Satoshi Honjo - Sand Storm (Original Mix)
Seltigma - Siddhartha (Original Mix)
Sergio Pardo - Baby Tour (Original Mix)
Swes - Indestructible (Original Mix)
Swes, Di Grassi - Kashmir (Adrian Valera Remix)
Swes, Di Grassi - Kashmir (Instigator Remix)
Swes, Di Grassi - Kashmir (Original Mix)
Withecker - Burn Bitch (Original Mix)
Withecker - I Still Need Fire Power (Original Mix)
Withecker - I'm Back Pussy (Original Mix)
Withecker, Di Grassi - Go Fuck Your Self (Masc Remix)
Withecker, Di Grassi - Go Fuck Your Self (Original Mix)
Zheta - Frame Of Mind (Original Mix)