VA – Black [Ushuaia Traxx]

Various Artists – Black is the latest release on Ushuaia Traxx.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

DJ Johan Weiss - Sunrise (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Sunset (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Trouble In Paradise (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Tunel Vision (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Warehouse Dance (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Winter Games (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss - Who (Original Mix)
Constantinus, DJ Johan Weiss - Neighbours (Original Mix)
Constantinus, DJ Johan Weiss - Passion (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss, OLiW - Morning Glories (Original Mix)
DJ Joke-R - Divine (Original Mix)
DJ Joke-R - Haters (Original Mix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Grind (Original Mix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Blind (Blakers Remix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Grind (Palms Croatti Remix)
DJ Joke-R, GaborP - Minimal Friends (Original Mix)
DJ KoT - Xenta (Original Mix)
DJ Kunze - Illusion of Time (Original Mix)
DJ Kunze - Stronger Effects (Original Mix)
DJ Nas - Eastern Mystic (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Big Boss (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Fat Control (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Groovenator (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Hot Spots (Original Mix)
DJ Pavel Slim - Technologic (Original Mix)
DJ Scott Profit - Techno Date (Original Mix)
DJ Scott Profit - The King (Original Mix)
DJ Sly - Indifferent To The Pain (Original Mix)
DJ Tayler - Black (Tom Jonson Remix)
DJ Storm - I'm Perfect (Original Mix)