VA – Bk Kollaborations 2 [SLAM!]

Tracks from Fergie, Rob Tissera, Andy Farley, Ilogik, Steve Hill and scads more facet on this wonderful new album. Slow out the tracks and DJ mix from BK & engage in them Booming! 'BK Kollaborations 2' features 15 elephantine new collaborations from BK and the cream of the Leathery Assembly crop.

BK, Fergie - Dutch Courage (Original Mix)
BK, Steve Hill, The Knuckleheadz - Fire Burning (Original Mix)
BK, Andy Farley - FQ (Original Mix)
Ilogik, BK - Real Life (Original Mix)
BK - Baby Rock (Original Mix)
BK, Steve Hill - Temptation (Original Mix)
BK, Razbo - Stud 100 (Original Mix)
Sam Townend, BK - Drop To Your Knees (BK's SLAM! Remix)
BK, Lucy Fur - Get Hot (Original Mix)
BK, JP & Jukesy - Es Lo Que Es (Original Mix)
BK, Wayne Smart - I Found It (Original Mix)
BK, Ben Stevens - Nation (Original Mix)
BK, Joe Longbottom - Check This Out (Original Mix)
BK, Adam M - Like This (Original Mix)
BK, Rob Tissera - So Good (Original Mix)
BK - BK Kollaborations 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)