VA – Best Of Central Dogma 2 [Central Dogma Records]

Showcasing our kindest tunes supervised the description Dominant Dogma.Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from nearly the men

Tyu - Moto A (Sam Critchley Remix)
Viana - Codec (Original Mix)
Siko - Going To BPM (Siko Remix)
SmokyMirror - Dont Go Whitout Love (SmokyMirror Remix)
Temor Hamid - Nauang (Instrumental Mix)
Tonatiuh - Continental (Original Mix)
Tone15 - Life Style (Original Mix)
Trekbor - Square Contact (Original Mix)
True Anomaly - Mescalito (Dig-it Remix)
Moyo Brothers - Ligia Is Here (Original Mix)
Omicio - The Beat (Original Mix)
Sergio Ghan - Groier (Original Mix)
Kemp&Thompson - Studio G's (Original Mix)
Logarythm - Faith No More (Original Mix)
Mexica Recordings - Tribute To Wind. (Original Mix)