VA – Best Of Boxon 2012-2015 [Boxon Records]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the clique

Sovnger - Dead Head feat. Lux Montes (Original Mix)
Francois Ier - Neptune (Lois Plugged & Fruckie Remix)
Spaam - Try Me feat. Aquarius Heaven (Original Mix)
Rayan Ja Faer - Snake (Original Mix)
Skinlips - Ground Control (Original Mix)
Blacktoys - Glock (Original Mix)
Francois Ier - Neptune (Original Mix)
Foss, Rayan Ja Faer - Straight Form (Original Mix)
Lois Plugged, Fruckie - Spleen (Original Mix)
Dacover - Trailer (Millimetric Remix)
John Lord Fonda - Fireworks (Stabb Only Mix)
Valy Mo - A Love Anthem (John Lord Fonda Remix)
Francois Ier - Cold Currents (Original Mix)
Foss, Rayan Ja Faer - Face to Space (Original Mix)
Dacover - Buggy Buggy (Sovnger Remix)
JOY! - Still Lovely (Original Mix)
Lois Plugged, Fruckie - Confident (Straybird Remix)
Polen - Would You (Horny Remix)
Aerotronic - Not Human (Original Mix)
Grs Club - Beta (Original Mix)