VA – Best Of Autumn Vocal Chillout [Easy Summer Limited]

Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the the world at large

Cj Rcm - From Space Options (Original Mix)
Sad Radio On Cassini - You Have to Be a Perfect Man (Original Mix)
Dmitry Lee'O - R.a. (Original Mix)
Finkk - Orange Sunrays (Original Mix)
Van - Atrip out of Town (Original Mix)
Cardmoth - Holiday Loneliness (Original Mix)
Iris Dee Jay, Maria Opale - Xray Eyes(Feat. Maria Opale) (Original Mix)
Gregory Esayan, Natalia Pevcova - So Right(Feat. Natalia Pevcova) (Tom Strobe Remix)
Seven24, R.I.B. - Forever (Original Mix)
Cj Rcm - Autumn (Original Mix)
Soty, Seven24 - Thoughts of You (Original Mix)
Neptune Wave, Emily Aldrige - They Say(Feat. Emily Aldrige) (Original Mix)
Denis Neve - Spring Awakening (Original Mix)
Soty, Seven24, Natune - The Magic (Original Mix)
Sara Pollino - Nostalgia (Original Mix)
RJ Chevalier, Tara Minton - Last Summer(Feat. Tara Minton) (Moonnight Remix)
Sad Radio On Cassini - August (Original Mix)
Alexander Volosnikov - Covered by the Lantern Light (Original Mix)
Jack-o'-Lantern, Vika Romanova - Lost in Paradise (Original Mix)
Kiwi, The Stone Bird - Ice Walls (Original Mix)