VA – Best Bar Lounge Classics [Chilling Grooves Music]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world, technological progress and avant-garde consciousness. Her story, already numbering more than 100 years old, very convincingly shows how the experience of some people, their dreams and initiatives, carefully transferred, sold and developed by successive generations. Of the many disparate and seemingly unrelated to each other ideas and discoveries, even contradictory and mutually exclusive, comes the phenomenon of electronic music. All began with the invention of the phonograph in 1878, the first device that allows to record and play back sound. The first electronic instrument that can independently generate sound waves, was created between 1989 and 1912, it was called tellarmonium and was larger than the size of the church organ. It looked innocuous-key part and modestly as a bookcase, but the element that creates the sound, usually served decent sized house, which prevented widespread tool. His closest descendant became the theremin, invented by Lev Termen in 1919. Playing this instrument was like a mysterious manipulation using alien technology. The tool consists of a two perpendicular antenna, in which termenvoksist Half Frame holds hands. Depending on the proximity or remoteness of the hands of the antenna changes the electromagnetic field, and as a result, the tone and volume of the sound – from the mystical to the buzz of the electric heart-rending shriek. Thus, the traditional guitar, piano, skripochnym school classes added theremin, and soon the first suite for academic theremin orchestra was written.

Mick Thammer - First (Chill Mix)
Schwarz & Funk - Ease (Original Mix)
Slavaki - Jazzy Monday (Original Mix)
Christian Hornbostel - Away (Original Mix)
Myrtill, Naksi & Brunner - Balaton (Brunner's Sunset Mix)
Nita, Microwave Monkeys - The Rain (Extended Dub Mix)
Mano Meter, David Gerlach - Polyphobia (Original Mix)
Steven Moeller - Change the Way (David K Remix)
Friction Machine - Crystal Clear (Original Mix)
Juliet, Cane, Andreas & Micha - Smiling Stars (Chill Mix)
Benigna Maier - Neubau Gefühl (Original Mix)
Macao Cafe Music - Ifra (Original Mix)
Johan Giannis Hynynen - Ibiza to Mykonos (2016 Remix)
Michael E - J'taime (Original Mix)
Myrtill, Naksi & Brunner - Balaton (Brunner Sunset Edit)
Aquarius - Clue to a Mystery (Original Mix)
The Chillout Company - Sunset Ibiza (Original Mix)
Bahia de Roses - Over (Original Mix)
Trillian - Money (Original Mix)
Karim Le Mec - Jazzy Air Style (Cut Version)
Symbols Of Sound - Sounds of the Sunset (Original Mix)
Sascha Katschemba - Morgentau (Original Mix)
Claude Funjet - The Lost Fairlight (Original Mix)
Avelina Jose - Philomeniac (Original Mix)
Benigna Maier - C'est pourquoi (Original Mix)
Carli Rowberry - A Timbre Touch (Original Mix)
Angel Spirit - White Clouds (Original Mix)
Alice Shelton - Tee for Two (Original Mix)
Tranquil Wellness Emotions of Life - Cream Flute (Original Mix)
Peter Silence - Steel (Cut Version)
Angelic Wellness Spirit - Eternal Cauldron (Original Mix)
Hildegard Holton - Für Simone (Original Mix)
Jasmine Lulu - Eyes Don't Lie (Original Mix)
Martin Quiet - Contire (Cut Version)
Clementine Calaway - Virtual Love (Original Mix)
Kiana Kazee - A Dream Comes True (Original Mix)
Angel Armony - Relaxed Poems (Original Mix)
Glady Gowans - Their Field (Original Mix)
Joybiza - Simply Wellness (Original Mix)
Josefina Keller - Tres jolie Julien (Original Mix)
Flight74 - 90 Oldies (Original Mix)
Andrea Castello - Stint (Chillout Radio Mix)
Karon Koury - Salsa Cosmica (Original Mix)
Dave Chillout Lounge - Voilà la lune (Original Mix)
Kaleigh Seaton - Funky Dream (Original Mix)
Steve Sweet Peace - Healing Shatters (Cut Version)
Broke Luxorius - Silky Tears (Original Mix)
Titan Mantra - Feel a Rainy Woods (Original Mix)
Yurajet - Saggy and Techy (Original Mix)
Kevin Wellness - Bouncey Scapes (Original Mix)
Josif Imen Puerta - Troll of Drowne (Original Mix)
Darren Kim - For Fools of Desire (Original Mix)
Vivian Holmes - Phil and Fibel (Original Mix)
Delbert Schneider - In Case of Falling (Original Mix)
Georgette Gabel - Two Forever (Original Mix)
Angel Tibetan - Easier (Original Mix)
Enrico Donner - Old Town Blues (Original Mix)
Light in Color - Finally Mine (Original Mix)
Tory Arndt - Fears for Tears (Original Mix)
George Harrold - Starlight Interlude (Original Mix)
Tatiana Malkin - Von da an (Original Mix)
Dionne Finnegan - Twain Train (Original Mix)
Aaron Steve - Sir Tingeling (Original Mix)
Double Go - Back to '82 (Original Mix)
Robert Relax - Instant Gloss (Cut Version, Pt. 2)
Delfina Deines - Sic of Excitement (Original Mix)
Wesley Colon - Dry Your Tears (Original Mix)
Kai Elston - Flying Circus (Original Mix)
Vera Peters - Vielleicht für immer (Original Mix)
Debris of Theia - Endless Africa (Cut Version)
Monroe Days - All for You (Original Mix)
Bobbi Briere - Several Tricks (Original Mix)
Mike Warren - Nylon Heart (Original Mix)
Leanna Clanton - Feel the Difference (Original Mix)
Emma Luna - Neumond (Original Mix)
Yan Gillis - Ireland of Hope (Original Mix)
Claudia Hunt - Zweiklang (Original Mix)
Javen Larner - Triotronic Dreams (Original Mix)
Angelina Astle - Fearless (Original Mix)
Aida Antonelli - Eye of the Sky (Original Mix)
Lana Lupercio - Thin Ice (Original Mix)
Lumoa - C'est la vie (Original Mix)
Devillas - Tahiti Island (Cut Version)
Elias Harmon - Aching Beauty (Original Mix)
Scarlett Copley - Celtic Dreams (Original Mix)
lunatic why - Zero but Hero (Original Mix)
Fiona Daniels - Seelenfilter (Tiefen Mix)
Chillo - Nie und selten (Chill Mix)
Laquanda Linderman - For Tina (Original Mix)
Barby Serenity - Strongest (Original Mix)
Natacha Nygard - Fire of Desire (Original Mix)
Cierra Ballester - One Smile Only (Original Mix)
Natalie Goldwyn - Sextetto Visceral (Original Mix)
Marth Manthe - Too Long Without You (Original Mix)
Will Fishman - That's Why (Original Mix)
Alene Messina - Trespace (Original Mix)
Roy Bennett - Symbiose (Original Mix)
Eivissarts - De la Tierra (Original Mix)
Reflex Artists - Sir Tingeling (Reflex Mix)
Von Salis Reto - Saving Al the Ocean (Original Mix)