VA – Begginings [Addicted Minimal]

Diversified Artists – Begginings is the latest issue on Addicted Tiniest.Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from ’round the set

Wandering Wind - Forgotten Dream (Original Mix)
Vortex, KewMillion - Bartel (Original Mix)
Vortex - Darkness (Original Mix)
Von Pixel - Bad Drugs (Original Mix)
Von Pixel - Eyz (Optimal Chill State Remix)
Von Pixel - Molasses (Original Mix)
Vladimir Kona - Pause (Original Mix)
Vitaly Zhuravel - Wool Beatz (Original Mix)
Vincenzo Battaglia - Piano Lesson (Original Mix)
Vincenzo Battaglia, Vinicio Melis - Dark Beat (Original Mix)
Viktor Newman - Self Control (Original Mix)
Viktor Newman - Bagaru (Original Mix)
Viktor Newman - Diversity (Original Mix)
Victor Bascu - The Return (Original Mix)
Veron Dante - Who's Touch (Jankes Remix)
Veron Dante - Who's Touch (Original Mix)
Veron Dante - Who's Touch (Stereo Players Remix)
Valiant, Exyte - Milord (Original Mix)
Paul Schmitz, Valiant Coos - Killer Snail (Original Mix)
Valiant Coos - Beginnings (Corner Remix)