VA – Beach Party (cool Bar Grooves) [FMC Phonograph]

Selected House Rhythms.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Tony Trumpetta - Sax in My Body (Louis Defunk's House Mix)
Congatronic - Markauasy (Alfred Millorca's House Mix)
V6, Tony Roiale - Get a Deep Slap feat. V6 (Jeorge Dee's House Mix)
Tony Trumpetta, Aldo Moraes - Sax in the Deep Space feat. Tony Trumpetta (Fantastique Saxy Mix)
Frank Donovan, Konko - A New Life Style feat. Konko (Philter Mix)
Costa Longa - Laughter for Me (Beach Grooves Mix)
Andrew Cotton - Organ Sweep in My Deep (Organic House Mix)
Anthony Maserati - Regressivity (Jet Party Mix)
Ramon Delaisla - Masma in the America (Beach Mix)
Miami Groove Project - You Can Do It (Cabriolet Mix)
Hotel 77 - I Am Very Serious (6th Floor Mix)
Tony Lova - Deep Tradition of Music (House Voyage Mix)
Jeff Knight - Salt'n'deep (Jaguar Mix)
Philippe Laroche - Is Fresh (Club Sonique's House Mix)
Session 61 - And Infamous Liar (Promo Star's House Mix)
Victoria Thomas - Soave (Paradise Beach Mix)
Lorika Project - You Can Do It Again (House Mix)
Troy Revelton - My Real Identity (Berlin's House Mix)
Ted Rooney, Mark Lover - Everything Is Good feat. Mark Lover (House Avangarde Mix)
Stefan Pascho - Erase the Fear (Rhythm Sector Mix)