VA – Beach Disco Mallorca [Discopolis]

To coincide with the launch of our exclusive event at Key West Portals in Mallorca, Discopolis are proud to present a brand new album showcasing the very best in Soulful and Deep House music.

Beach Disco began life as a podcast committed to showcasing the finest in Deep, Soulful and Balearic Disco. Established in 2013, the brand was founded and fronted by House music DJ and producer, Carl Hanaghan, who possessed an intrinsic desire to create a brand with its own unique sound. Taking inspiration from the soulful sound of the deep underground, Carl injected a strong set of core principles into the heart of Beach Disco which underpinned its strong brand identity and dictated the direction the brand was to take in its early days.

By 2015, Beach Disco soon became a firm favourite as its fan base alone clocked up over 30,000 downloads per episode released. Guest artists such as Husky and Richard Earnshaw soon featured in the mix which would provide the brand with instant credibility and truly set the benchmark for the brands deep and soulful sound.

2016 marked a significant turning point as it was acquired by Six15 Artist Management. A move which added a new dimension to the brand with the introduction of an established roster of international live artists and DJ's who would not only continue to produce music for the label but also tour the world on uniquely co-ordinated international shows.

Conceptualised by the three new partners, Carl Hanaghan, Daniel Smith and Tom Lormor, Beach Disco was given a fresh new vision and brand identity synonymous with the same creativity and authenticity that had earned it much respect since its inception. Beach Disco's development from a music label to a global music and lifestyle brand with a unique sense of style and sophistication has been nothing short of impressive. Not only is Beach Disco still the home of the finest selection of Deep, Soulful House and Balearic Disco but it now stages the most impressive live shows using their roster of handpicked DJ's and live artists.

Beach Disco Mallorca includes a continuous bonus mix compiled by Tomos Henri featuring records from House music heavyweights such as Richard Earnshaw, Husky, Golf Clap, Spiritchaser and Soledrifter to name but a few.

We hope that you can join us for the album launch party at Key West Portals in Mallorca on Sunday July 31st 2016 where resident DJ Tomos Henri will be accompanied by Saxophonist Tom Da Lips to take you on a journey through Deep, Soulful House and Balearic Disco.

Tomos Henri - Beach Disco Mallorca (Continuous Bonus Mix)
Leanne Brown, Fake • Remedy - Closer To You (Husky's Bobbin Head Pass)
Triple Dee, Cozzetto, Akira Dee - All You Need (Golf Clap Remix)
Husky, Bru Fave, Matt Meler, Ron E Jones - This Time (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Tony Vass - Fly Me Higher (Earnshaw & Jones 80's Remode)
Drop Out Orchestra - Dream Denial (Husky's Summer Feel's Mix)
Richard Earnshaw, Polina Griffith - Can't Go Back (Husky's Bobbin Head Mix)
Promonova, Janine Johnson - My Soldier (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Soledrifter - My Body Needs It (Original Mix)
Groove Cartell, Samantha Mogwe - So Far Gone (Spiritchaser Remix)
Husky, Kimono - If You Want Me (Husky's Uptown Funk Edit)
Janine Small, Changing Planes - Love Will Find A Way (Original Mix)
Husky - Thinkin About You Babe (Original Mix)
Soledrifter, Ryan Holliday - Turn Away (Earnshaw V Jedi Re-Edit)
Carl Hanaghan, Beth - Illuminate Me (Extended Mix)
Tom Da Lips, Tomos Henri - Give Me A Feeling (Original Mix)