VA – @beach (aperitif Party Compilation) [FMC Phonograph]

Real Deephouse Selection
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Mare Mosso - I Love Bossa (Pianobossa Mix)
Saxogroove - Sky Light (Sax and Sex Mix)
The Junior D Orchestra - Groove With Me (Original Mix)
Rumberos De Hoy - Almese (Original Mix)
FD Project - R Deep (The Deep Night Mix)
Al Mar - Music Beach (Selected Deep Mix)
Robert Salden - Chill of Moon (Electric Piano Mix)
Tony Deep - The Best Situation (Montenapoleone Fashion Mix)
Chill Industries - Chieuti (The Trump Mix)
Connections - Legato (Planned Mix)
London 54 - My Soul (Stop & Voice Mix)
Tony Mantero - In the Right Mood (Sam London Mix)
Frank Fermo - Classes of Words (Da Rhythms Mix)
Paul Krines - Caos in Paine (Deep Fashion Mix)
The Soullution Project - I Love Yuor Soul (Lovers Mix)
Milton Diaz - Liverpool Dimention (Sunset Avenue Mix)
Atlantic Avenue - Famous Docs (Sunrise Mix)
K Sun Project - Hanime (Infinity Mix)
Ralf Harris - I Get It (Deep & Jazzy Style Mix)
Diego Polimeno - Tramonto di Bahia (Emotional Mix)