VA – Bassline Brigade [IBS Records]

Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the humanity

Mr Offensive - Facebook Stalker (Original Mix)
Koznik & Khavy - The Crucifice (Original Mix)
Inspector Frost - Shogun Of Harlem (Original Mix)
Koznik & Khavy - Shock Out (Original Mix)
CERTIFIED - For Glory (Original Mix)
Jabba - Get Me Off The Block (Original Mix)
Koznik & Khavy - One Day (Original Mix)
Derelicts of Tomorrow - Street Light (Original Mix)
Wicked Vibez - Badass In Town (Remix)
The Hollow Triangles - Push (Original Mix)
E S - Mary Jane Rottencrotch (Original Mix)
The Hollow Triangles - Outerlimit (Original Mix)
CERTIFIED - Hills Have Eyes (Original Mix)
BNR, Phil Free - Giant Steps (Original Mix)
Jabba - Berlin (Original Mix)
Jedi - Badass In Town (Original Mix)
The Hollow Triangles - Scalded Cat (Original Mix)
Rolfey - Intergrate (Original Mix)
BNR - Mad Concept (Original Mix)
Rolfey - Clouded (Original Mix)
The Hollow Triangles - First Time (Original Mix)
Chris Clark - True (Remix)
Rolfey - Eternal (Original Mix)