VA – Bad Things [Pure Cocaine Recordings]

Various Artists – Bad Things is the latest release on Pure Cocaine Recordings.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Engin Ozturk - Bad Things (Original Mix)
Engin Ozturk - Between (Original Mix)
Engin Ozturk - Disco Night (Original Mix)
Engin Ozturk - Mirror (Original Mix)
Evil Jokes - Arabica (Original Mix)
Evil Jokes - Ladies & Gentlemen (Original Mix)
F-LAME - Feelings (Corner Remix)
F-LAME - Feelings (Original Mix)
Federico Nota, OverTake - Music Emperor (Original Mix)
Nicolas Zuloaga, Francesc Torrens - Mao Zedong (Original Mix)
Francesc Torrens - Melbourne (Original Mix)
Francesc Torrens - Paraskevi (Original Mix)
Francesc Torrens - White Lady (Original Mix)
Freynik - Let's Dance (Corner Remix)
Freynik - Schädeltrauma (Original Mix)
Freynik - Tik Tak (Original Mix)
Freynik - Was Geht Ab (Original Mix)
FuturePlays - New Order (Original Mix)
Gales - Plasma Engine (Original Mix)