VA – Bad Karma: Fourth Stage [Bad Karma]

This inclination be a series of disparate artists that offers us the unexcelled plausible music to entertain as much fun as reasonable during this summer of music, dancing party and dinner party. We are self-possessed that you will-power like. Bad Karma accounted for right – mighty Drum & Bass compilation 'Fourth Lap'.

Mortuus - Sentinel (Original Mix)
Oxit - Attack (Original Mix)
System Chaotica - Listen (Original Mix)
Matful - Headshot (Original Mix)
Mechanica Freak - Substitution (Original Mix)
Napas - You Like Dead (Original Mix)
Random Counting - Fast To Night (Original Mix)
MiDust - Ordinary (Original Mix)
Bioside - Path of Neo (Original Mix)
Maltes - Strong Karma (Original Mix)