VA – Bad Ground [Ushuaia Traxx]

Several Artists – Bad Settlings is the latest discharge on Ushuaia Traxx.Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from surroundin the universe

Dods - Shadows (Original Mix)
Dubsteph - Fucking Flat Diet (Original Mix)
Fedoga - Massive Beat (Original Mix)
FNK - Crowd Insane (Original Mix)
FNK - MDFKR (Original Mix)
Gales - Aliens Reprogrammed My Cat (Original Mix)
Gales - Meld 2 (Original Mix)
Gales - Space Device (Original Mix)
Chris Alder - Summer (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Apache (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Techno Beep (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Afrika (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Art Of Melody (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Enigma (Original Minimal Melody Mix)
Housephonics - Cruel (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Magic Melody (Original Mix)
Housephonics - Push It (Original Mix)
Hsu - El Llamado (2013 Edit)
Junior Vieira - Bass and Your Face (Original Mix)
Juniperum - QWERTY (Original Mix)
Juniperum, Patrick Cross - Frezee (Original Mix)
Kosmo Weston - Caper (Original Mix)
Krazii Cal - Black Wolf (Original Mix)
Kristanbeat - Deadly Silence (Original Mix)
Krueger (Italy) - Bad Ground (Original Mix)