VA – Artist Choice 25. Moonwatch3r (2nd Selection) [Round Triangle AC]

Artist Alternative 25: Moonwatch3r (2nd Election) The brightest tracks from mark's releases compiled and muddled by the representatives of our roster. Spheroidal Triangle artists' voice.

Gux Jimenez - Galaxius (Abity Remix)
Aki Amano - Beyond the Sky (Valentin Remix)
Nu Okkerville - Highway Nights (Original Mix)
Pavel Denisov - Sun Day (Original Mix)
Flashtech - A New Day (Original Mix)
Luiz B - Rainy Days (Lessov Remix)
Abity - Sunset (Original Mix)
Flashtech - On a Sunny Day (Original Mix)
Outlook - 11.47 (Original Mix)
Wayward Brothers - Life Line (Original Mix)
Moonwatch3r - Artist Choice 25 (2nd Selection) (Continuous DJ Mix)