VA – Armada Captivating – Smooth Sensation [Armada Captivating]

Space. With astounding creations from David Gravell, Puff Carolina & Husman, Codeko, Chris Schweizer, Heatbeat, KhoMha, Henry Unilluminated, DRYM, and more, this is far as captivating as music can get. Harboring a killer-diller from Manila meld of the earmark's most acclaimed singles and a number of unreleased gems, 'Armada Captivating Burnished Furore' is the railroad hoard that last wishes as exude from your speakers crowded pressure in the next few months.

Chicane - Fibreglasses (Original Mix)
Breathe Carolina, Husman, Carah Faye - Giants feat. Carah Faye (Extended Mix)
Codeko, Envy Monroe - Halo feat. Envy Monroe (Extended Mix)
David Gravell - The Riddle (Extended Mix)
KhoMha, Mike Schmid - Restart feat. Mike Schmid (Henry Dark Extended Mix)
Heatbeat, Eric Lumiere - You've Got Me Now (Extended Club Mix)
David Gravell, Ruby Prophet - Far From Home feat. Ruby Prophet (Codeko Extended Remix)
DRYM - Love (Extended Mix)
Protoculture, Johnny Yono - Luna (Extended Mix)
Chris Schweizer - The Kraken (DRYM Extended Remix)
Henry Dark - Beirut (Extended Mix)
Harryson - Twilight (Extended Mix)
Team Argentina - Alpha Omega (Extended Mix)
Simon Lee & Alvin - Xcelerate (Extended Intro Mix)
Harryson - Albatross (Extended Mix)
Henry Dark - Divine (Extended Mix)
Rimsky - Korolev (Extended Mix)
LITHH - Peaceful Time (Original Mix)
Abaze - Rhodium (Extended Mix)
Harryson - Luminate (Original Mix)