VA – Anytime Deep House [ERIJO]

ERIJO presents the new dance compilation "Anytime Profound Legislative body"Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the sphere

Andre Fernandes - Some Like Bass (Original Mix)
Andre Gazolla - Less Is More (Eclectic Remix)
Danny Bonnici, Jamesen Re - Minimal Effort (Original Mix)
Lostrocket - Roadstar (Original Mix)
Chris Rockford, DJ CrEdo - Lonely (Luis Sastre Remix)
Sebastian Moreno - Let's Go (Original Mix)
The Inhabitants - More Like You (Feat. Tasoulla) (Instrumental Mix)
Juan Chousa - El Afrocubano (The Afro-Cuban) (Original Mix)
Cor Zegveld - I Found Love Deeper Underground (Dr. Funkenstein Remix)
Emilio Arregui - Check This Out (Original Mix)
Tony S - Fractalistic (Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada Remix)
Federico Giust - Trying to Keep the Focus (Dub Remix)
CL. Audio - Boring Cities (Aaron Lee Remix)
Nick Nightingale - Back to the Beat (The Teachers Remix)
Craig McWhinney - Devil May Care (Luke Porter Mix)
Deepologic - Rezonancie (Stefano Albanese Remix)
Ame Vent - Whisky (Original Mix)
Dr. Beat - Come Down to Me (Original Mix)
Golosa Predkov - I'm Sorry (Original Mix)
Linas P - That's How (Original Mix)
Alex Geralead - Action (Original Mix)