VA – Amsterdam Dance Festival [Urban Tunes Records]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the circle

Bsharry - Invisible (Original Mix)
Kayra - Hardsoul (Original Mix)
Ciava - Slam (Original Mix)
Bsharry - Adagio (Original Mix)
T3Keys - Stronger feat. Daiana Acosta (Original Mix)
James Black Pitch - Exlos (Original Mix)
Gabry Casarano - My Destiny (Extended Mix)
Bsharry - Yesterday (Original Mix)
Alex Bianchi - Over (Original Mix)
James Black Pitch - Flymova (Original Mix)
Alex Bianchi - Jungle in Love (Bsharry Remix)
Forever 80 - Groova (Original Mix)
Bsharry - Kamboja (Original Mix)
Ciava - Vulcano (Original Mix)
Dry & Kiilo - Gundam (Original Mix)
James Black Pitch - Sea World (Original Mix)
Fraxman DJ - Killer (Original Mix)
Giacomino - Thousand Miles (Original Mix)
Batller - Drop the Bass (Original Mix)
Ciava - This Is Love (Original Mix)