VA – Ambient-e – Chapter 4 [Andorfine Records]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the creation

The Parent - Awakening (Original Mix)
Ocean Mind - Beyond Landscapes (Original Mix)
Manifestation - A Hummingbird (Original Mix)
Q Logic - Space (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Hönö Island (Original Mix)
Lounge Hours - Hawaii Wind (Original Mix)
Heavenly Light - Electro Mantra (Original Mix)
Endless All - Space Requiem (Original Mix)
The Parent - Miracle Day Every Day (Original Mix)
Lounge Hours - Balance (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Cloudsurfer (Original Mix)
Ocean Mind - Fly (Original Mix)
Alpha Prime - Metro 3026 (Original Mix)
The Parent - In the Arms of Heaven (Original Mix)
Q Logic - A Day in Two Minutes (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Northern Star (Original Mix)
Ocean Mind - Latenight Cruise (Original Mix)
Rex Kramer - Feeling Great (Original Mix)
Endless All - Mother's Arms (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - The Journey (Original Mix)
Q Logic - Thoughts About (Original Mix)
Gianluca Altobelli - Salazar (Original Mix)
Ole Erikson - Shimme the Funk (Original Mix)
Ocean Mind - Culture Flow (Original Mix)
La Forge - Kiss the Cook (Original Mix)
Firstclass - Resurrection (Original Mix)
DJ Rodriguez - That's the Way (Chill Mix)
Twin Valley - Twin Valley (Original Mix)
Ocean Mind - Night Life (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Between Faded Raindrops (Original Mix)