VA – Ambient-e – Chapter 3 [Andorfine Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Ocean Mind - Paranormal Activity (Original Mix)
Q Logic - Thoughts (Original Mix)
Minka - Dreamworld (Original Mix)
Endless All - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
Lounge Hours - On the Shore with Beloved Ones (Original Mix)
Shaman Tales - A Monad (Original Mix)
The Regression - What Comes After (Original Mix)
Heavenly Light - Piano in Heaven (Original Mix)
Q Logic - The Game (Original Mix)
State MX - Anyway (It's Gone) (Ambient Mix)
Ocean Mind - Right Turn (Original Mix)
The Chakras - Inside Look (Original Mix)
The Regression - The Past Lives (Original Mix)
Manifestation - Exploring the Stars (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Arctic Journey (Original Mix)
Heavenly Light - The Other Side (Original Mix)
The Tonal - Infinity in Us (Original Mix)
Yoga Lesson - Body and Mind (Original Mix)
Inner Lotus - Soul Temple (Original Mix)
Hidden Land - Forever Spring (Original Mix)
Ocean Mind - On the Rhodes (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Morning Light (Original Mix)
Endless All - Alone in Space (Original Mix)
Shaman Tales - Assemblage Point (Original Mix)
The Regression - When We Leave (Original Mix)
The Tonal - Star Birth (Original Mix)
Ambi Ent - Corporate Chill (Original Mix)
Beyond and Above - The Mystery of Human Race (Original Mix)
Praana - Garden of Nightingales (Original Mix)
Robert Scharnke - Inner Life (Original Mix)