VA – Amber Tunes [Amber Muse]

Features music from logo bosses Taran & Lomov sum classification artist ZaZzy (also known as Phonetica with Max Lomov and Kidneyz) as satisfactorily as from other Baltic and unrelated producers. If you missed some of the most beneficent past Amber Evaluate releases there you go compilation of description's highlights. Compilation of heretofore released tunes that masquerade as Amber Be absorbed in thought Records bruited about atmosphere and strike one.

Taran & Lomov - Supapowa (Original Mix)
Taran & Lomov - Rare (Original Mix)
Phonetica - Kinetic (Uppfade's Deep Remix)
Shmix - Rollinnn (Taran & Lomov Remix)
Flyingmice - How Do You Know (Musical Globe Remix)
Phonetica - In Motion (ZaZzy Dub Mix)
Bandmaster's Flight - Samuel Alone (Elvi 5 Point Stereo Mix)
Phonetica - Daft 16 (Original Mix)
Taran & Lomov - AC/DC (Original Mix)
Taran & Lomov - Medium (Original Mix)
Phonetica - Feel feat. Hektor Thillet (Craft B Remix)
Phonetica - Kinetic (Taran & Lomov Remix)
Kidneyz - Hang on Soul (HPS Refix)
Sound Masters - The Sun (Original Mix)