VA – Allie Remixed [Symphonic Distribution]

Songs from Allie's self-titled 2015 album, remixed by nine oecumenical artists: Legal papers Thump Scissors from Montreal, Chaudfontaine from Darmstadt, Doron Sadja from LA, Winner Tricard (of Paris Suitable Yourself) from France, Max Boss (of EASTER) from Berlin, Deepmoods (of Fenster) from NY/Berlin and red on, Prestidigitation Meru & Christoff Riedel from the Nuremberg brand VERYDEEPRECORDS, who released this compilation.

Allie - Emo On A Beach (Magic Meru Remix)
Allie - This Is How I Go (Christoff Riedel Remix)
Allie - The One (Victor Tricard Remix)
Allie - Y/N (Deepmoods Remix)
Allie - "Needle In The Hay" (Chaudfontaine Remix)
Allie - Princes Jan (Red On Remix)
Allie - Wtf4 (Max Boss Remix)
Allie - Mamase (Paper Beat Scissors Remix)
Allie - You're Just An Alien (Doron Sadja Remix)