VA – Aikan The Great – Instrumentals [Blue Pie Records]

Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from thither the Terra

Cortez, Cousins Steel - Crazy People (Instrumental Edit)
Changamire - Burgundy and Gold (Redskin) (Instrumental Edit)
Cortez, Cousins Steel - 1,2,3 (Instrumental Edit)
Cortez, Cousins Steel - De Party (Instrumental Edit)
Cortez, Cousins Steel - Soca Girls Goin' Wild (Instrumental Edit)
Cortez, Cousins Steel - Trini Nights (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Cici Carmen - Mafiso en el Amor (feat. Cici Carmen) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Ckc - JC in HD (feat. CKC) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Darwens Theory - Easy Way (feat. Darwens Theory) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Darwens Theory - Punch (feat. Darwens Theory) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Darwens Theory - Undefeated (feat. Darwens Theory) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Nychaela Symone - Black & Beautiful (feat. Nychaela Symone) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Nychaela Symone - Good Vibes (feat. Nychaela Symone) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel, Spooky D - Spooky Demenseia (feat. Spooky D) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Armchair Athlete (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Crackin' (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Full Circle (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Get A Job (Remix) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Get A Job (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Good Vibes (Remix) (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - La Musica Sabrosa (Instrumental Edit)
Steel - Love How You Make Me Feel (Instrumental Edit)
Suja - Bermuda Triangle (Instrumental Edit)