VA – After Work Party [Future Sonic Media]

Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the humankind

Clemens Rumpf, Marcell Russell - Ain't Dancing Without You (Funky House Edit)
Jamie My Angel - Runaway with Me (Extended Mix)
Klangkubik - Everything (Original Mix)
Fritzbeat - Your Hero (Extended Mix)
Lexenn - Kovalent (Original Mix)
Blue Curacao - No One Knows (Single Version)
Waikiki, Tom Klang - The Violins (Radio Edit)
Sugapop - Elysion (Extended Mix)
Naxwell - I.O.U. (Tosch Remix)
Yaneena - Again (Danceheat Remix Edit)
Leanne Lawson, Blueice DJ - Saturdays (Original Mix)
San Sebastian - ID (Original Mix)
Eddy Chrome - Feel It in Your Soul (Vocal Mix)
Onehundred, Ilary Osborne - Do the Right Thing (Marco Merelli Edit)
Discomaus - Running (Fit for Sound Edit)
U-can - All I Want (Original Mix)
United States of Dance - We Are the Night (Extended Mix)
Jake, Nick Solid - She's so Divine (Original Mix)
Nita, Microwave Monkeys - I've Been Thinking About You (Original Mix)
Tommy Lazer - Whatever Happened (Extended Mix)
Markus Muller - Otherside (Original Mix)
Nathaniel DJ, Wooka - Tribe of Love (Radio Edit)
Melbourne Freaks - Trumpet Bounce (Extended Mix)
Big Vic - Go Ahead & Shoot (Original Mix)
Caira - I Live My Life (Original Mix)
Pearls Of Ibiza - I Live My Life (Mykel Mars Remix)
Clyde, Tony P - Like the Bottom of the Ocean (South Beach Mix)
DJ Absinth - Morning Sun (Extended Mix)
Alex, TbO & Vega - Teardrops (Radio Version)
Balearic Kings - Vamos a Bailar (Radio Version)
Alan Bo - Take Me Home (Original Mix)
Bermuda Twins - Everybody Stand Up (Radio Version)
Ethan Chandler - True Romance (Club Mix)
Jeremaier, Freydel - Stick up Kids (Original Mix)
Destination Soul - On Fire (Club Mix)
Marc Van Slow - All Love (Original Mix)
Prash - Bring That Bass (Extended Mix)
Nudisco, Dede, DJ Ping, Brock - Heavens Nest (Rooftop Mix)
Kiss Audio - One World, One Party (Future Workout Anthem)
Yan Garen, Cysco Fiore - Give It Up (Original Mix)
M.a.d.c., Laara Julia - Fly Far Away (Radio Mix)
Eddie Le Funk - Weekend (Original Mix)
Mydca - Do You Feel My Love (Radio Edit)
Rob Hayes - Wicked and Wild (Original Mix)
Summer Disclosure - Make Me Feel Home (Radio Version)
Skaei - Can't Give Up (Festival Mix)
Generation Deejays - Pirates of Melbourne (Original Mix)
Jessie, Robin Koro - Don't You Look Back (Original Mix)
Andrea Sfriso - Stay with Me (Radio Edit)
California Sun - Touch the Sky (The Cardionauts Remix)
Aby Merlan, Rora Pandy - Deeper (Mauama Remix)
Stargold - I Give It All (Radio Version)
Sweet Emotions - Love Tonight (Extended Mix)