VA – Absolute Dance [Dance Music Empire]

Categorical Hoof it called the latest compilation from Sashay Music Empire Records.Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from there the earth

Dave Mladi - Acapulco (Original Mix)
Neuro4Live - Another Planet (Original Mix)
DaKooler - Are You Counting (Original Mix)
Peak2peak - 3Some (Original Mix)
AVVA - Look Inside (Original Mix)
Soluyer - Terrayer (Original Mix)
Mojo Beat - Right On Time (Original Mix)
HouSlash - Infecto (Original Mix)
Ron J.B., DeeSaxx - Tropical (Original Mix)
DJ Rin - Too Cool (Original Mix)
Stroboskop - New Age (Original Mix)
Alche Beat - The World Can Change (Original Mix)
Sandboy Sound - All For You (Original Mix)
Deslor - Horizon (Original Mix)
Aleksey Zhahin - Naive Slaves (Original Mix)
Alexander Meyson, Jony Devait - Moonlight (Original Mix)
Digital Rave - Talk (Original Mix)
Marco Cruz - Progression Concept (Original Mix)