VA – Abr – Hidden Faces V/a 01 [Aboriginal Cosmo’s Theory]

Electronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from roughly the universe

Diagonal - Lilly (Original mix)
We'll call it so - Feinde Kommen (Original mix)
Eckho - The Mirror Flower (Original mix)
DAN PAD - Expectations (Original mix)
HOBI - Acid Mandragora (Original mix)
ArchivOne - Rage (Original mix)
Sharplines - Rising Moon (Original mix)
Car-D - What Is Your Role (Original mix)
Rovina - Rotten (Original mix)
13Ax - Where's My Black Dog (Original mix)
Jas - Fallen Kingdom (Original mix)
Manniskan - Implied (Original mix)
Autarkeia - Magical Teleporter (Original mix)