VA – A Year On A Fly [Fly With Me Records]

Our earliest year is now and we keep with an album with total powerfull and melodic tracks. Distributed By Symphonic Division – Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from far the circle

Barend Rauch - Darkness (Radio Edit)
BrokenDisk - Goodbye (Radio Edit)
Alexo - Barbag (Chris DeMeck Radio Edit)
DJ Young - Welcome To The Party (Radio Edit)
Milton LeOnel - Castle (Radio Edit)
Veorz - Outlines (Radio Edit)
Rvnntz - Shadows (Radio Edit)
Different Society - Exception (Joseph Radio Edit)
Franchesco Moreno - A Love Two Hearts (Radio Edit)
Miss Sam - Sonbi (Radio Edit)
Revn4rt - Critical Error (Radio Edit)
Alberto Vasquez - City Lights (Radio Edit)
Revn4rt - Show You (Radio Edit)
Rhy Dah - Dog City (Franchesco Moreno Radio Edit)
BrokenDisk - Freedom (Radio Edit)
The SK Beatz - Ghost Town (Radio Edit)