VA – A Taste Of South African Psychedelics [Nano Records]

A lot has changed and developed in excess of these conclusive 16 years. Not lone does the SA Psy display now entertain a extreme lot of c illustrious DJs & Producers, but also has massively in the money Decor Artists, Dreamer Artists & Gala day gatherings. The segment in South Africa continues to broaden and morph, at times influenced by the global Psy upset, at other times dancing to the belabour of its own drum. A far-reaching stamp with profound roots in Africa. Throughout the years Nano Records has expanded into one of the top Psy-Abstraction labels on the oecumenical locality and is now domicile to artists from all over the humankind. In festivities of this we possess nonchalant a soup of music and art from some (and this surely is exclusive 'some' – as there are tons more flavours) of South Africa's top Psy-Daze producers and Dreamy Artists. So make ready yourself for a brawny administer of South African Psychedelics ! Inspired by the burgeoning Psy-Ecstasy sphere of Neck Borough, Nano Records was born in 2000 as an supranational decision for South African producers.

Broken Toy - This Is Africa (Original Mix)
Zenith - Creative Minds Fly (Original Mix)
Sad Paradise - Savages (Original Mix)
Silo (SA), Beartone - Cosmic Landscape (Original Mix)
The Commercial Hippies - Heat Wave (Original Mix)
Deliriant - fsociety (Original Mix)
Breaker, Itone - Visual Hallucinations (Original Mix)
Headroom (SA) - Bob The Build-Up (Original Mix)
Double Story - Freedom Comes First (Original Mix)
Flooting Grooves - The Hat (Original Mix)
EMP - Hax (Original Mix)
Shift - Eternal Flow (Original Mix)
Zezia - Lizzard Galaxy (Original Mix)
Bernz - ProteoMics (Original Mix)
Shockwave - Arrowhead (Original Mix)
Highstyle - Vision Quest (Original Mix)
Tersius - Afrikan Groove (Original Mix)
Particular - Numbers (Original Mix)