VA – A Taste Of Lounge [Stereoheaven]

Hope you'll utilize the music! 'A Drop of Loaf' is a appealing loungechilloutlatin compilation with decidedly agreeable tracks, procuced by unrealistic artists like The Sura Quintet, Hints of Anima, Kaxamalka and numberless others. The compilation includes also the name brand new footmarks 'Juventud' by Sompra Modos.

Sombra Modos - Juventud (Original Mix)
The Sura Quintet - Shared Moments (Original Mix)
Hints Of Soul - Euphemisms (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Mincing Matters (Original Mix)
Arrojas - Lazy Sunday (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Seguir al Sol (Original Mix)
Aqua Mundi - Sudden Inspirations (Original Mix)
Lamar Ensemble - Tonal Colors (Original Mix)
Arrojas - Spring Walk (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Poel (Original Mix)
Lamar Ensemble - A Personal Perspective (Original Mix)
Mick Thammer - First (Chill Mix)
Aqua Mundi - Mezcal Shadows (Original Mix)
Kaxamalka - Connection Angles (Original Mix)
Arrojas - Azimuth (Original Mix)
Sesion De Los Flores - Gotas de Agua Dolce (Original Mix)
Blue Wave - Jam Recollections (Original Mix)
Jano De Rhodos - Degustar (Original Mix)
El Nicoya - Barra da Tijuca (Original Mix)
Baghira - A Light from Within (Original Mix)