VA – A Symbol Of Cosmic Order [Stella Polaris Music]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Jimmy Somerville - Back to Me (Leo Ryan's Stella Polaris Remix)
Helmet Compass - Come into My Room (Salta's Stella Polaris Remake)
Alexander Brown, Uhre - Hallelujah (Arenholz & Nicka's Stella Polaris Remix)
Christian d'Or - This Is My Gift to You (Super Sad Version) (Original Mix)
August - Out There (Original Mix)
New Order - The Game (Mark Reeder Spielt Mit Stella Polaris Edit)
I Got You On Tape - Run from the Rain (DJ T.O.M.'s Stella Polaris Disco Bootleg)
Weekend Players - 21st Century (Stella Polaris Remix)
Jacob Bellens - Untouchable (August's Stella Polaris Remix)
Arrow - The Maze (Stella Polaris Edit)
KOPPEL/BJÖRN/MIKKELBORG - Brothers in Arms (Original Mix)
Jimmy Somerville - For a Friend (Live Acoustic at Stella Polaris)
Helmet Compass - Drugs in My Pocket (Still-Life & Tim Lanark Remix)