VA – A Psycho’s Detail [Techno LogyX]

Heterogeneous Artists – A Psycho's Technicalities is the latest save on Techno LogyX.Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from yon the fraternity

Tofiq (IE) - Buffalo (Original Mix)
Tofiq (IE) - Difficult Concept (Original Mix)
Tofiq (IE) - Sense Of Substance (Original Mix)
Tofiq (IE) - Sense of Substence (Autosky Remix)
Tofiq (IE) - Sense of Substence (Dj Spillo Remix)
Tofiq (IE) - Sense of Substence (Everdom Remix)
Tofiq (IE) - What The Fck (Original Mix)
Tom Da Silvv - Smoking Surgeons (Original Mix)
Tom Jonson - Music Takes Control (Tom Jonson Bass Fist Mix)
Tom Jonson - Slaying (Original Mix)
Toni Tonga - Lost In Space (Original Mix)
Toni Tonga - Save Our Souls (Original Mix)
Tony Lopez - London Underground (Original Mix)
Tony Lopez - Mirrored Reflection (Original Mix)
Totem Pole - Bevy's Flowers (Original Mix)
Totem Pole - Source Code (Original Mix)
Totem Pole, Effluence - Intelecto (Original Mix)
Upstage - A Psycho's Detail (Original Mix)